Monday, February 27, 2012

Experience is our great teacher.

There are times when we find someone else to love. We tried to pursue this affection until we find ourselves drifting away. We finally realize that we are capable of leaving our commitment to someone because we believe we have found the real happiness in the arms of another person.

There are so many reasons why relationships fail and its very foundation crumbles. There are reasons that stand justifiable but there are those that stemmed from immaturity, selfishness, distrust, and irresponsibility. But most of the times, it is plain moral and physical weakness in challenging the trials and temptations that come along the way.

We are imperfect persons and we do make terrible mistakes. We have caused pain and misery in the people we love. We will only realize how much they are meant to us after we have hurt them. But what is important in the end is that we find the willingness to change and make up for our misgivings. And hopefully, those we have transgressed will find the heart to forgive us for the pain we have caused them and accept us and loved us the way they used to be. We should learn from our mistakes and live our lives avoiding them so that we may find what we have lost and never lose it again.

 Experience is our great teacher. ^________^v

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