Monday, December 31, 2012

Is this how we treat our women?

She was a student.
She was 23.
Her fault some people say because she boarded the wrong bus!
And oh yeah, SHE WAS A GIRL!
Six men raped her one by one and then used an iron rod to tear her
vagina!!!! Small intestine and large intestine came out!
They left her to die on the road,
What’s more is that no one even turned to look at her!
No one even bothered to throw a
shawl on the ill-clad,
ill-fated girl,
She can never live a normal married life again!
She Went into coma five times since 16th December!
She was unconscious!
Critical and hasn't been able to stop crying!
But don’t worry,
She wasn't your sister!
She wasn't your daughter!
But she could be!
The brutality has to stop right here guys!
These people deserve capital punishment for their heinous!!
Perverted act!
She died yesterday Saturday 28th December 2012.
I pray that her killers
get the WORST punishment possible
This doesn't only happen in India..
But in every country around the world..
Is this how we treat our women?
It Makes me ashamed to even live on this planet today!

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